Idle Idiocy: Volunteering you don’t volunteer for.

February 27, 2007

Oh dear.

Gordon Brown’s at it again.

I am a UK / USA dual citizen, to start things off. I’ve been fully naturalized as a UK citizen under David Blunkett’s Citizenship scheme.

I had to attend a citizenship ceremony – which was presided over by a register and by the city’s Mayor. (In full ceremonial garb, nonetheless!)

I had to jump through several hoops as well to even get to that point. Now, according to Gordon Brown’s If I become Prime Minister spiel, I will / would have to volunteer to ensure citizenship. 

That’s right! Compulsive volunteer service!

Now please remind me when slavery  went out in the UK? This reeks suspiciously of the later. Isn’t the purpose of volunteering supposed to be.. voluntary? Hmm.

No longer content with soon-to-be compulsary Identification Cards (for all foriegen nationals no less!) in 2008, I will soon have to endure a period of tenure to some organization.

For what purpose may I ask?

So that I can better understand the community to which I am supposed to be integrating into. I’m sorry, but what makes Gordon Brown even think that I do not know the community to which I’ve lived, worked, and relaxed in for the last 7+ years?

It gets even better…

To prove myself worthy of citizenship I have to jump through even MORE hurdles. Not just content with taking a spelling, history and communication test (aka “Citizenship Test”) and undergoing a rather humiliating Citizenship Ceremony to which my local MP attended, which could only be branded a complete and utter waste of time, that inspired nothing remotely stirring within me but a sense of irritation at a scratchy, tinny recorded version of “God save the Queen”, a long bureaucratic ceremony to which someone actually had the audacity to try to make money by selling me photos of the “joyus event of becoming a UK citizen”.

Labour is becoming more and more like the BNP every day.


SoapBook: If you haven’t yet read, spread the word!

October 25, 2006

A Soap opera and a book

If you STILL haven’t checked out SoapBook, then where have you been hiding?

This project is maintained by a small team of dedicated writers who work to combine both the aspects of a Soap Opera and a book into a seamless fusion of entertainment.

We also aim to change plots / characters / storylines dependant on comments from our readers!


You should be.

I write the posts for “Madison Daniels”

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Idle Amazement; Arranged Marriages

October 25, 2006

Having just read a truely insightful blog on arranged marriages, I feel obliged to pass it on.    

  ( )

I would suggest anyone who has a few moments of thier time to take one such moment, and read. It really IS amazing, and an insightful post into a whole other culture that I’ve not had the privledge of knowing or being exposed to, until now.

Thank you.

“How to Survive a Plane Crash for Dummies” or Idle idiocy amended.

October 3, 2006

I was browsing one of my favorite lunch-time websites, the BBC and came across a real gem;
How to survive a plane crash.

( )

 There is a brilliant quote in it to which I must add:

“I’m often asked, ‘well, where should I sit in an aircraft to have the best chance of surviving?'” says Ms Muir, “and, sadly, I haven’t got a good answer.”

Now aparently, this article also re-iterates that once more, just because you are on the reinforced wings does not necessarily mean your safe. It further goes on to address that there may be fire in the engines.

To spread the gloom and doom it mentions that people forget to pull the little lever on the seatbelt.

It is just one simple step.

Perhaps I am being harsh and critical, but if you can’t pull a lever, then perhaps it is better you go down with the plane? 

Now I ask you; if you are terrified of flying….

Wouldn’t you be more terrified after reading the article?

SoapBook update! Madison’s world

October 2, 2006

After a long and rather frantic bout of inspired typing with a generic cola in hand (thanks to Neil Boorman!) I wrote my entry for Soapbook.
Who is Madison?

A fictional character that’s part of a new soap-opera book-blog that myself and a small team of writers are working on.

The more I find myself pondering on Madison and her particular ideals and ways of life, the less I’m inclined to want to live her lifestyle myself.

The link above is enclosed if you want to take a look, and comments are always appreciated.

Project X.. aka SoapBook!

October 1, 2006

I have been negligent lately in my blog; this shan’t happen anymore..


Project X  has now become SoapBook!

Please read, subscribe and give it your full support!

I am one of the contributors to the book’s project!

Idle Questions; 82ASK

September 19, 2006

Ever wonder what other people wonder about? What sort of questions come up for someone that works for 82ASK? (82ASK for those who arn’t in the know, is a mobile texting service, which you text a question to, and for £1 they will answer any question, and if they cant answer, you dont pay)

According to the poor BBC reporter who spent a whole day with someone from 82ASK, the questions were pretty wild

( )

Taken from the article:

00:42: How tall is a smurf?”

I ask you..

WHO in thier right mind would want to know, at 42 minutes past midnight, how tall a smurf is?!?

I can only wonder what the answer is.

12 days left until Project X launches…